My muse has left their old, brown leather book somewhere by accident. It looks like it’s seen years of wear and tear, and upon opening it your muse discovers that it’s full of wishes that never came true and times in their life when they were hurt/alone/sad. Send me a “✝” to read a wish or sad memory (specify which.) from the book.

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and it’s 129 dollars for pre-order.
……………..dod3 was cheaper than this. namco why.

i can’t get asbel’s costume
i’m going to weep

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Special bonus, the illustration from page 109 of the 2nd volume that shows that this sidequest, at least to Go Tanaka, is part of the main game’s story, considering the novels are more-or-less summarizing the game events in novel format. Of all sidequests he could’ve included, he specifically wove this one into the grand scheme of everything.

The sidequest with Richard’s love letter.




Slowly shakes his head.


He quietly resolves himself to behave before his natto begins to mysteriously vanish.

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Oh, Asbel… *___*

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"Hope you like chocolate, Asbel." Yuri handed Asbel the chocolate bunny he'd made himself, grinning a lopsided grin. "Happy Easter."

It was a bit of a surprise, really. His friend had come ambling along the way, carrying a…bunny? Squinting with those odd eyes of his, the younger of the two men looked up, for once looking his age. Childlike and puzzled at the gesture.

”..Chocolate, huh? Yuri this is — man, this looks really good! It’s a pretty big one too, you must have put a lot of time into it! Maybe I should share some with Sophie or I might get a stomach-ache. Or maybe with the others too - I-I mean, I’m gonna eat it and all I just..y’know, if anyone wanted some. “

"Thanks, Yuri. " His face lit up in a beaming expression, glancing over his shoulder at his town.

"You’re welcome to stop by — I mean you came all this way. But..Happy Easter!"

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how well do you think i understand my character?

feel free to mention why, or why not.

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it’s a bit strange how when i’m active that i lose followers the most. 




His eyes lidded almost, as if knowing. 

'Yeah. That's a good thing to protect. I would be pretty empty if we didn't try at least, to look after the ones we care about. I'm sure you don't need me to say what you already know you'll do for something like that. What's his name, if you don't mind me asking, miss?”

For some reason or another, Lucina felt taken aback. He didn’t come off as pushy or as though it was an assertive preaching. Actually, it was as though he knew where she was coming from…almost…? Not like Autumn, but that guy was as secretive as she was when it came to family. Digesting his words, she tentatively answered with an uncharacteristic touch of affection in her tone, 



His tone was gentle the entire time. There was strength in those eyes, in his presence, but there was nothing about it that was flaunted. It was how he was. Asbel once spoke rashly and abruptly as a small boy, but those days were done, and the boy was put to rest. He was a man now, full-grown, and he spoke with the wisdom of one who had grown up years before his time. 

"Icarus," The Lord repeats the name, smiling a little, as if infused with her own affection. "That’s a nice name. My brother’s name is Hubert. I try to protect him too but you know, he can really handle himself. In some ways, much better than I can." 

A pause, before he tilted his crimson head.

"Uh, by the way I’m Asbel. I should have introduced myself first, huh? Asbel Lhant."


"I have word, master Thatcher - word of your son."

"Of my William? Come in sir! What news? Does he live?"

"Oh he lives. He is very well. He wanted you to know.. that he changed his stars after all."

"And… has he followed his feet? Has he found his way home at last?"


TEARS, every time.

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Richard almost flinches like a child being caught doing something forbidden.



Slowly shakes his head.

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Title: The King's Arrival
Artist: Ramin Djawadi
Played: 1023 times


The King’s Arrival | Ramin Djawadi

Somebody please play this loudly any time I go anywhere.

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MCH * A spring 02a